Student Shadowing Experience

Are you a student in need of a clinic or pharmacy preceptor site? If you would like to request a Healthe Clinic physician, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, dietitian, or pharmacist preceptor please complete the Preceptor Request Form and submit it to Once you’ve submitted your request, one of our Healthe Clinic staff members will contact you regarding next steps. Please allow one week for a response. At least one month notice is required when requesting a preceptorship.

Basic requirements for shadowing or completing rotations in the Healthe Clinic include:

1. The student must attend a school that has a written agreement with the Cerner Healthe Clinic. Schools with written agreements include.

    • University of Kansas (Pharmacy School only)

    • University of Missouri Kansas City (Nursing and Medical School)

2. The student must provide proof of recent tuberculosis screening, TDaP and flu vaccinations.

3. All pharmacy students must provide proof of registration as a student intern with the appropriate state’s Board of Pharmacy.

4. Sixty hours is the maximum amount of hours the Healthe Clinic will allow any medical or nursing student to shadow.

5. The Healthe Clinic Pharmacy accepts students in their 4th year completing Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotations.